Best Foods For Dogs

Here we have a video that talks about the top 10 best dog foods that you can feed your dog. Remember that if you are feeding regular dry dog food now you will have to train your dog to eat this new healthy and natural dog food before they get used to it. Once they have you will have a much more healthy and lively canine friend.


Healthy and Natural Dog Food Benefits

Natural dog food has many benefits vs Regular dry dog feed


Healthy and natural dog foods 

are made with high nutrition, natural organic ingredients and are easier to digest.

You will not have to feed your pet as much food as you would if feeding regular dog food.

Homemade dog food is natural to make at home because it is just as if you were cooking for your family, it is no different.

In this post, we will tell you about some of the benefits of natural dog food.

Considering all inherent pet food benefits, people are moving to make natural dog food recipes at home because these they know what their pet is consuming and there will be no harmful or unhealthy effects on the health of your dog.


Natural dog food

Below we mention five main natural pet food benefits for your dog:

1) No side effect on pet health:

Natural dog food has no side effects on the pet’s health like fillers and chemicals in regular dog feed.

You should select natural and healthy ingredients to make homemade dog food and choose those that do not have any preservatives or non-natural food ingredients.

Natural and healthy ingredients like fish, eggs, milk and organic chicken have no side effect on the dog’s health.


2) Will extend the life of your dog:

If you decide to change the standard dog food to natural dog food, you will have done your pet a huge favor.

Statistics show that feeding your dog natural ingredients will extend the life of your dog.

You will get to spend more time with your pet.

3) Fewer digestion diseases:

If you are making homemade food for your dog, then the use of proteins and calcium products make natural pet food even more digestible.

Use of grains and organic oils in your homemade food recipes will make your meal even more acceptable by your dog stomach.

4) Less chance of disease and physical reactions:
Natural and healthy foods are free of chemical substances and mixed ingredients.

Unlike regular feed which contains some chemicals in which I have no clue what they are, and non-natural ingredients that surely are affecting our pets.

5) Happy and healthier canine:

This is self-explanatory and the best part of feeding natural dog food to your pet.

Natural Dog Food


You should use natural and healthy food items in your homemade dog food recipes to make your dog even healthier.

It will make your dog stronger, more full of life, active, and extension of life.

Before buying any food ingredients, you should keep these benefits in mind.

Always purchase natural and organic food ingredients when making homemade natural dog food.



Healthy And Natural Dog Food Benefits Video

Organic Dog Food- Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Homemade Dog Food Recipe


I am one of those that are very conscious when it comes to my pets diet.

Who would have thought that I would be one of those dog owners that cooked for my dog in my home?

I have observed many homemade dog food recipes.

Now the best thing about making homemade dog food recipes is it is just like making any food at home, and you have perfect knowledge of how to do that.

You will also now know exactly what your pet is consuming. That is a big deal.


organic dog food


I am going to tell you about some highlighted ingredients to make the Best Homemade dog food recipe.

First of all, you need high-quality protein this would include any food like meat, seafood, eggs, grains or plants, egg yolks, oatmeal, and calcium.

When you use these ingredients to make this homemade raw dog food recipe, you will have a recipe that has an approx balance of 50 percent protein, 25 percent grains and 25 percent organic plants.

You can add different quantities by adjusting to suit your dog’s needs.

Now I will tell you about some of my dogs favorites and some of the best homemade dog food recipes which contain all organic food ingredients.


dog food recipe



Recipes for homemade dog food

1) Spinach turkey bits for your dog: In a large-sized cooking pot add 2 cups of water, now add brown rice.

Cook this brown rice according to the instructions on the label of the packet.
Now heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a stockpot.

Add 3-pounds of ground turkey and cook it until the turkey turns into light brown color.

After 3-5 min of cooking the ground turkey make small bits of the ground turkey.

You can add spinach, pieces of carrots and the brown rice and cook the mixture in your oven shaping the mixture into 1″ balls.

Let them sit until cool, and now you can serve it to your dog in a pet bowl.

2) Peanut butter yogurt treats for your dog: These are a kind of perfect snacks for your young dogs. To make this, you need 1 jar of peanut butter.

First, melt the peanut butter in the microwave oven in a safe bowl.

Now combine approx half a container of yogurt in the melted peanut butter.

Go ahead and mix the whole mixture and place this mixture on butter paper. Now freeze these small bits of peanut butter.

Serve these peanut butter yogurt treats as tasty snacks to your dog.

3) Wheat biscuits for your dog:

First, you should preheat your oven to 350f degrees.

Add one tablespoon of beef stock in a bowl.

Now add one egg, one tablespoon of salt and 2 cups of wheat flour.

Mix all the ingredients well and turn it into a dough.

Now cut the dough into small round shaped pieces and place it on the butter paper.

Now cook these small dough pieces for around 30 min.

After cooling serve this homemade dog food recipe of biscuits to your dog.


Homemade Dog Food Recipe Video

How To Help Your Dog Live Longer By Feeding Them Natural Dog Food

Natural Dog food plays a great role in the living conditions of your dog (less weight, sound activity, and the dog will be very strong. The required amount of food per day does not increase linearly because the smaller dogs require relatively more energy than senior dogs. Natural nutrition is not just a matter of fashion. Natural Dog Foods are healthier and safer than processed foods.


Listed Below Are Some Of The Natural Dog Food Benefits:

Easier weight management
Balanced energy levels
Healthier skin
Smaller stools
Improved digestion
Fewer allergies
Cleaner teeth and better smelling breath
Shiny, soft coat
Better immunity
Less itching and licking
Fewer health issues

One of the natural dog food benefits is, the natural foods do not incorporate artificial chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, flavorings, and antioxidants), which can aggravate the symptoms of a food allergy. On the other hand, natural ingredients are richer in nutrients since the extrusion processes used to make most dog feeds involve cooking at very high temperatures.

This is done to eliminate the risk of the presence of bacteria such as salmonella and other dangerous microorganisms. But of course, with the heat, many nutrients are lost along the way. When we talk about dogs, the most natural option is homemade diets. What happens is that Natural Dog Food has some conditions:

1- It is necessary to have a minimum knowledge about dog nutrition so as not to cause any nutritional deficiencies. If you do not have it or do not plan on taking the time to inform yourself, discard the natural diet.

2- You have to take the risk that some of the fresh ingredients may contain pathogens and parasites. Although it is true that this risk is very moderate because the Natural Dog Food uses ingredients suitable for human consumption that has passed all the controls! Besides, this risk can be fought by freezing the ingredients or cooking some of them.

3- You have to have enough time and space at home to go shopping, store (large freezer) and prepare food, something that is not always easy.


Eating natural dog food

Healthy dog eating natural dog food



Is Dog Food As Bad As Some People Say?

I am one of those who thinks that it’s not necessary to demonize dog feed either because they can be the most practical option for many owners and the safest for the health of many dogs.

I say the safest because it’s often thought that Natural Dog Food is, simply, keep the leftovers of our food for our dog to eat. That has very high risks for the health of any canine. Remember that the diet of a carnivore like a dog cannot and should never be the same as that of an omnivore such as the human being.

All foods bought outside the specialized channel (veterinarian or specialized store) must be ruled out. The food they sell at the supermarket is real crap. You just have to look at the label and see what percentage of animal protein they contain and how much ingredients of plant origin. However, outside the supermarket, there are dog foods in specialized stores that do not include artificial additives and maintain high protein levels.


What Are The Natural Dog Foods For Senior Dogs?

A dog that enters its old age needs the same basic nutrients as the young dog. These key ingredients in the diet of the older furry friend include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Before giving a vegetable to your dog, find out which natural dog food for senior dogs is prohibited. For example, those containing thiosulfate in high concentrations (such as onions) are toxic to them, so it is best to avoid them. Garlic can be used in moderate amounts, as it helps in the prevention of fleas, but the natural dog food for senior dogs must be administered in minimal doses.

In general, look for vegetables high in fiber, which will be very beneficial for the senior dog’s digestive system. Excellent options for the diet of your dog are potatoes because they are rich in carbohydrates and amino acids, the carrot strengthens your senior dog’s eyes, and spinach is a source of many vitamins. You can flavor the food with ingredients such as pepper, which is good for circulation or includes broccoli, which decreases the chances of developing cancer.

Protein-rich foods for the aging dog help counteract the muscle deterioration suffered by the senior dog. The old animal needs to eat more protein to replace the loss of muscle mass that suffers,” concludes a study conducted by the University of Michigan.
Adult dogs should be fed twice daily at fixed feeding times. Puppies, however, initially 4x, then 3x and from about 6 months only 2x daily!


What Are The Natural Dog Foods For Allergies?

Pet dogs are not spared from having allergies. They as well could encounter food allergy which may result in a certain reaction in their natural immunity.


Are you aware there are natural dog foods for allergies?

Check the list:
Chicken and even more

Detecting food allergies is an issue for canine owners simply because the discomforts might mimic other types of conditions. Many erroneously associate the symptoms with diet intolerance or perhaps the other way around- essentially the dog might not exactly like to consume the dog food.


How Can You Deal With Allergic Reactions To Certain Foods?

Usually, you will have the expert’s recommendation of a vet to assist you in seeing whether your lovely dog has a food intolerance or maybe food allergies. Most of the time, they are going to counsel you to change to some dog brands if perhaps allergies are seen.
Then again, if perhaps an animal-based healthy protein, for example, beef, lamb, roasted chicken or simply fish is triggering your very own dog’s allergies, you have got many different natural dog foods for allergies options to select from, which include:
Duck and more

Finally, always provide fresh drinking water for your dogs feeding. Please do not feed them with wet, cold food, but at room temperature, it can be approx. 20-25 ° C. To provide the dog with additional nutrients, it is important to ensure that all the Natural Dog Food ingredients are balanced and that all vital nutrients are present in sufficient quantities.

What Are The Perfect Natural Organic Dog Foods?

Organic Dog Foods

As pet parents, one always thinks the best for his/her pet. Some of the most raised questions are: which brand offers the best healthy nutritional food?

What are the best organic dog foods that a pup or dog may like? What flavors does the food come in?

So answering all these questions, below is a list of perfect natural organic dog foods.

TruDog Feed Me (Freeze and Dried Raw Organic Dog Food):

This food is made up of beef, organ meat, fresh real meat, bone, etc. This is a perfect combination of nutrients that your pup will go crazy for.

It comes in two flavors- Turkey Gourmet Gobbler and Beef Bonanza. All the ingredients of this food are mixed together with the help of some tocopherols and oil.

It is completely organic and no other added colors, carbs, fillers or preservatives are added to this food.

Organix Adult Dry Dog Food: It is one of the best dog brands for organic food.

It comes in one particular flavor which is Chicken and Brown Rice.

All the real ingredients are used to make this product supreme.

Also, Organix does not include any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, hence it is eco-friendly and dogs just enjoy eating it.

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Dry Dog Food: This food is quite healthy for dogs as it is grain free and provides complete nutritional needs to both the puppies and senior dogs.

It is available in two different flavors; that is Chicken and pea and Salmon meal and sweet potato.

There are different types of organic foods available in the market.

But one should always check the nutritional value that the food provides at the back of the packet and then he should buy it.

Dogs should always be fed with best organic foods.

Feed organic dog food to ensure good health

Ensure Your Dog’s Good Health – Feed Organic Food

A dog in your house is no less than a family member and all you want for it is just the best in every aspect.

This is the reason you always keep looking for better options available for their food.

Organic Dog Food is gaining popularity day-by-day and its benefits to the dog’s health are making it the first choice for most of the pet owners.

Although, it is important to research extensively to understand the actual benefits of Organic Dog Food and nutrition it offers to your beloved one.


List of Organic Dog Food Brands


  • Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Dry Dog Food It offers high protein diet for your dog. The food instead of wheat, corns, soy, which is not good for the health of your pet, contains rich amount of fruits, vegetables having a natural source of fatty acid, fiber, antioxidants.  
  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Chicken & Pea Formula Dry Dog Food It offers food with no grains and contains organic peas, lentils, sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans. Such diet helps your dog to be stuffed with fibers and carbohydrates, as it is good for digestion.
  • Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mi – It offers natural diet mixed with freeze-dried food that gives a good taste. It consists of all the natural ingredient with zero preservatives. This brand offers ready to eat food by just adding water to it.
  •  Newman’s Own Adult Dog Food Formula – it offers a blend of chicken and organic brown rice. It is free of any artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  • Natural Planet Organics Chicken & Oats Adult Dog Formula Dry FoodIt complies the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.



Benefits of Organic Dog Food


  1. Free from Animal By-Product – Animal bi-products like diseased tissue gluten, fillers etc. are not present in organic foods. They also do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors and are more nutritious.
  2. Fewer chances of ailments and allergies – As organic dog food is free from chemical additives, toxic pesticides, any other artificial element, it reduces chances of allergies or any skin ailments.
  3. Improves life expectancy – One of the best benefits of organic dog food is that, a longer and healthier quality life of your pet is ensured, as organic food boosts its immune system. Health and life of your dog depend on how you feed him.
  4. Healthy lifestyle – All the organic foods are expensive but good health they give to your dog makes it worth paying that extra money. Organic foods have a higher level of nutrition as they comprise of organic meats, fruits, vegetables, minerals, etc.
  5. Reduces digestive disorders – A dog can easily digest food with a rich source of proteins and grains. If a natural nutritious diet is given to a dog, then it eats less and as a result, excretes less.
  6. Increase in energy level – A dog needs to stay active for its good health and organic diet helps it in staying active as it has nutrients with calories.
  7. Maintain a healthy weight – In the case of dogs, it is really important to maintain particular body weight. An overweight or underweight dog is a sign that it is not healthy.



Best organic dog food reviews video


List of Brands Offering Organic Dog Food for Puppies


  • Earthborn Holistic – The Company’s attention is on adopting an environment-friendly approach in all its manufacturing and marketing processes.  
  • Wellness– It is a promising premium brand, with an approach of zero compromises with the quality of ingredients, are an assurance of healthy puppy with a clear reduction in allergies and other health issues. 
  • Taste of the Wild– It contains exceptional protein sources, with excellent ingredients and no grain.   
  • Holistic Select– The Company’s emphasis is on boosting digestive system with natural fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes by ensuring single source meat.
  • Blue Buffalo– The Company offers protein-rich diet in its products. However, their products contain some of the controversial ingredients, but their existence is in very less amount.
  • Natural Balance– As per customers, it is good food as they have noticed a reduction in allergies in their puppies.  
  • Canidae– better digestion and good breath are some of the changes that were noticed with this food.
  • Castor & Pollux– It offers certified organic puppy food. It has earned the trust of the customers.


Dog Food Amazon

Amazon has a wide range of dog food; various types are available, like :


  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Food toppers
  • Dehydrated/freeze-dried
  • frozen


To get Dog food, Amazon is the best choice as it makes your decision- making simpler by categorizing existing dog food in various sections, such as :

  • Bestsellers
  • Hot new releases
  • Top rated
  • Most wished for
  • Most Gifted

For making the choice simpler and more customized, the vast available range of dog food, Amazon has further classified it into different categories like:

  • Flavors

Chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, turkey, vegetable, duck, sweet potato, pork, liver, venison, cheese, variety, fruit, bison, milk, peanut butter, mint.

  • Life Stages

Adult, puppy, senior, young adult/ adolescent

  • Food feature

All natural, gluten-free, grain-free, holistic, limited ingredients, organic, protein-rich, raw, vegetarian, veterinary

  • Health benefits

Active, behavior, dental, eyes, food allergies, hairballs, heart, hip and joint, indoor, parasites, skin & coat, stomach, urinary tract control, weaning, weight control.


Organic Dog Food Petsmart


Petsmart is one of the largest pet services and solutions retailers. They operate more than 1,500 pet stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In case you are looking for a wide range of plenty of variety to purchase Organic Dog Food, Petsmart is the right place.

Petsmart operates online and offline. One can buy the required product as per his or her convenience.

Information regarding organic dog food, its availability in store or on website, flavors, price range, brands, category, product ratings, life stage, nutritional option, health condition, etc are available on their website.

Healthy Natural Organic Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Cooking the right do-it-yourself natural organic dog food for your dog helps afford a greater assortment of vitamins, amino acids, and notably phytochemicals and many antioxidants that “help determine you’re dogs health long term.

Foods like red bell peppers, carrots, and spinach as foods rich in these essential ingredients.

Both raw chicken and raw chicken bones are healthy for our dogs to eat.

A healthy whole grain your dog may like is brown rice. Try it and see if they like it. they may just chow down on it.

Mix some into your pups regular dog food to see how he/she likes it.