How To Help Your Dog Live Longer By Feeding Them Natural Dog Food

Natural Dog food plays a great role in the living conditions of your dog (less weight, sound activity, and the dog will be very strong. The required amount of food per day does not increase linearly because the smaller dogs require relatively more energy than senior dogs. Natural nutrition is not just a matter of fashion. Natural Dog Foods are healthier and safer than processed foods.


Listed Below Are Some Of The Natural Dog Food Benefits:

Easier weight management
Balanced energy levels
Healthier skin
Smaller stools
Improved digestion
Fewer allergies
Cleaner teeth and better smelling breath
Shiny, soft coat
Better immunity
Less itching and licking
Fewer health issues

One of the natural dog food benefits is, the natural foods do not incorporate artificial chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, flavorings, and antioxidants), which can aggravate the symptoms of a food allergy. On the other hand, natural ingredients are richer in nutrients since the extrusion processes used to make most dog feeds involve cooking at very high temperatures.

This is done to eliminate the risk of the presence of bacteria such as salmonella and other dangerous microorganisms. But of course, with the heat, many nutrients are lost along the way. When we talk about dogs, the most natural option is homemade diets. What happens is that Natural Dog Food has some conditions:

1- It is necessary to have a minimum knowledge about dog nutrition so as not to cause any nutritional deficiencies. If you do not have it or do not plan on taking the time to inform yourself, discard the natural diet.

2- You have to take the risk that some of the fresh ingredients may contain pathogens and parasites. Although it is true that this risk is very moderate because the Natural Dog Food uses ingredients suitable for human consumption that has passed all the controls! Besides, this risk can be fought by freezing the ingredients or cooking some of them.

3- You have to have enough time and space at home to go shopping, store (large freezer) and prepare food, something that is not always easy.


Eating natural dog food

Healthy dog eating natural dog food



Is Dog Food As Bad As Some People Say?

I am one of those who thinks that it’s not necessary to demonize dog feed either because they can be the most practical option for many owners and the safest for the health of many dogs.

I say the safest because it’s often thought that Natural Dog Food is, simply, keep the leftovers of our food for our dog to eat. That has very high risks for the health of any canine. Remember that the diet of a carnivore like a dog cannot and should never be the same as that of an omnivore such as the human being.

All foods bought outside the specialized channel (veterinarian or specialized store) must be ruled out. The food they sell at the supermarket is real crap. You just have to look at the label and see what percentage of animal protein they contain and how much ingredients of plant origin. However, outside the supermarket, there are dog foods in specialized stores that do not include artificial additives and maintain high protein levels.


What Are The Natural Dog Foods For Senior Dogs?

A dog that enters its old age needs the same basic nutrients as the young dog. These key ingredients in the diet of the older furry friend include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Before giving a vegetable to your dog, find out which natural dog food for senior dogs is prohibited. For example, those containing thiosulfate in high concentrations (such as onions) are toxic to them, so it is best to avoid them. Garlic can be used in moderate amounts, as it helps in the prevention of fleas, but the natural dog food for senior dogs must be administered in minimal doses.

In general, look for vegetables high in fiber, which will be very beneficial for the senior dog’s digestive system. Excellent options for the diet of your dog are potatoes because they are rich in carbohydrates and amino acids, the carrot strengthens your senior dog’s eyes, and spinach is a source of many vitamins. You can flavor the food with ingredients such as pepper, which is good for circulation or includes broccoli, which decreases the chances of developing cancer.

Protein-rich foods for the aging dog help counteract the muscle deterioration suffered by the senior dog. The old animal needs to eat more protein to replace the loss of muscle mass that suffers,” concludes a study conducted by the University of Michigan.
Adult dogs should be fed twice daily at fixed feeding times. Puppies, however, initially 4x, then 3x and from about 6 months only 2x daily!


What Are The Natural Dog Foods For Allergies?

Pet dogs are not spared from having allergies. They as well could encounter food allergy which may result in a certain reaction in their natural immunity.


Are you aware there are natural dog foods for allergies?

Check the list:
Chicken and even more

Detecting food allergies is an issue for canine owners simply because the discomforts might mimic other types of conditions. Many erroneously associate the symptoms with diet intolerance or perhaps the other way around- essentially the dog might not exactly like to consume the dog food.


How Can You Deal With Allergic Reactions To Certain Foods?

Usually, you will have the expert’s recommendation of a vet to assist you in seeing whether your lovely dog has a food intolerance or maybe food allergies. Most of the time, they are going to counsel you to change to some dog brands if perhaps allergies are seen.
Then again, if perhaps an animal-based healthy protein, for example, beef, lamb, roasted chicken or simply fish is triggering your very own dog’s allergies, you have got many different natural dog foods for allergies options to select from, which include:
Duck and more

Finally, always provide fresh drinking water for your dogs feeding. Please do not feed them with wet, cold food, but at room temperature, it can be approx. 20-25 ° C. To provide the dog with additional nutrients, it is important to ensure that all the Natural Dog Food ingredients are balanced and that all vital nutrients are present in sufficient quantities.